Dyspraxia is a learning condition that affects many people in the world. It can be linked to other conditions like Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. Dyspraxia causes people to have trouble with their motor skills leading to difficulty with playing sports, writing and can cause clumsiness.

To find out more information about Dyspraxia, please visit the Dyspraxia association of Ireland.

Living with Dyspraxia

Read my interview with Edward Roche about his journey with dyspraxia, the struggles of dealing with an incurable condition and how he has learned to overcome it.


Dyspraxia in Adults

Dypraxia affects all age groups including children, however as Maxine Frances Roper explains adults diagnosed with Dyspraxia are not getting enough help with their condition and the lack of awareness is making it much harder for them to deal with it. Dyspraxia can hugely alter people’s lives, it can affect job opportunities and friendships. But as Maxine tells us from her own personal experience,  it doesn’t mean that people with Dyspraxia can’t achieve in life. Read her story here!

Dealing with the two D’s

Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia are just some examples of learning conditions that are rarely known to most people.These problems not only affects the individual but can also exert influence on their families lives as well. Read different story’s from the parents and children about when they were diagnosed, what is was like as a family and how the school system can have a huge impact in terms of diagnosis.



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